WHO? ME?!?

DanErwin_ProfilePic2014_SQUARE.jpgI have been working as an animator and technical artist since 2006.  I’ve helped create video games, commercials, and animated shorts.  Time is flying and I’ve learned a lot and developed a lot of different tools over the years!  I hope to use this website as a way to give back to my fellow animators, industry friends who I’ve had the pleasure to work with, and the animation community at large.  I hope they and everyone else may find this site useful!!

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Animation Demo Reel 2015:

Kozo Rig:


One thought on “WHO? ME?!?

  1. Hi Erwin hope you are fine..just purchased your tool and wanted to thank you for your great work,it´s absolutely amazing…really thank you very much.

    Just wanted to tell in case you have time. I have been doing previs for a while at many studios and I have a couple of ideas for upagrades that maybe you would like to improve . The comunity will be very happy at least me….of course If in a future you do so I will pay again for the upgrade.

    Thank you very much for the nice work and thanks again.


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