What is Erwin Sequentials?


Ewin Sequentials is essential for Previzing & Animating!
Here’s what you can do:

Match your animation to your edit!


erwinsequentials_web_navigate_icon01  youtube-512
Navigate between the main timeline and the camera sequencer timeline.

erwinsequentials_web_export_icon01  youtube-512  youtube-512
Export shots into their own Maya files.

erwinsequentials_web_retime_icon01     youtube-512  youtube-512
Quickly re-time animation with the camera sequencer and commit the new timing to the timeline!

erwinsequentials_web_commit_icon01     youtube-512  youtube-512
Commit the camera sequencer’s timeline to the main timeline.

erwinsequentials_web_anim_icon01  youtube-512
Clean up all scaled anim keyframes to be on whole frame numbers and not on fractions of a frame without losing the animation curve’s shape and performance.

erwinsequentials_web_cam_icon01  youtube-512
Create new baked down animated cameras for each shot as well as be able to create a master camera.

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The Command:

  1. Launch Maya and run this Python command to open the tool/window:
from erwinTools import erwinSequentials as erseq