Navigating Shots

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Window or Toolbar?

Tool > Save toolbar’s Main Window Position

A feature only available when tool is in “toolbar” state.  Allows you to save the toolbar’s current position relative to the main Maya window; especially for the next Maya session.

Main Button Functions:

The tool’s main button functions are for navigating your active timeline relative to the camera sequencer’s shots.

erwinSequentials_menus_toolbar (the down arrow icon) Is used to access the menus when the tool is in toolbar state.


erwinSequentials_openCamSeq Opens Maya’s Camera Sequencer window.

Depending on the user’s “Timeline Settings”; The tool’s main button functions adjust the timeline range to encapsulate the frames used in camera sequencer shot(s):

When clicking on the “Current Shot Name” definition, you can see the list of shots used in the camera sequencer, in sequence order.  You can then select a shot by name to adjust the timeline to the frames used in that shot.

erwinSequentials_previous Adjusts timeline to previous shot’s frames.
erwinSequentials_current Adjusts timeline to shot that uses current frame.  You can also ‘Alt + Click’ to Adjust Timeline to Selected Shot(s) (if there are shots selected).
erwinSequentials_next Adjusts timeline to next shot’s frames.

Timeline Settings:

Tools and settings that dictate how the main front facing button will adjust/change the timeline start and end frames.


  • Adjust Timeline to Selected Shots
    Adjusts the active timeline start and end frame range to encompass the frames of the selected shots in the camera sequencer.
  • Adjust Timeline to ALL Shots
    Adjusts the active timeline start and end frame range to encompass ALL frames for ALL shots in the camera sequencer.

The radio buttons and check-boxes in the menu are settings on how the tool’s main front face button functions are to work.

  • Adjust Active Timeline or Adjust Timeline
    Main tool’s button functions will change the either the active timeline’s or the entire timeline’s start and end frame range.
  • Adjust to Active Shot Range or Adjust to Entire Shot Range
    Tool will adjust the timeline to the shot’s entire frame range or active frame range:  Either the frames that are being used in the camera sequencer timeline (considering shots that are overlapping the shot) or using the ALL the frames of the shot (no matter if the camera sequencer timeline is only using a portion of the shot or not.).
  • Jump to first frame of shot
    After timeline is adjusted it will change your currentTime to be on the first frame of the shot user is adjusting to.
  • Highlight/Select Shot
    After timeline is adjusted it will add the shot(s) to the user’s current selection so that you can see it highlighted in the camera sequencer window.
  • Loop Previous and Next Shots
    When navigating the shots in the camera sequencer: It allows the tool’s main buttons: “previous” and “next” to loop back around to the first and last shots, and never hitting and end.