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Window to export shots to their own Maya file:erwinSequentials_win_exportShots

  1. Check which shots you want to export
  2. Have the animation for the shots start on a new start frame
  3. Give the shot camera a new name when the shots is exported to its own Maya file.
  4. Specify where and what name the Maya file will be called for each shot to be exported.
  5. Add handle frames to the start and end of the shots.

Right-Click Menu & “Edit All” Menu:

You can use the “Edit All” menu to edit the fields for all shots that are marked for export.  Or you can right-click on the fields to edit features specific to that field or all fields of that type.

  • Revert will return the attribute field back to the scene shot node’s data.
  • All export settings are saved to the Maya scene’s shot nodes and are restored the next time the Export Shots window is opened.

Example exporting multiple shots to their own file:

⋆  Notice that the shot node length is preserved in the exported shot file even though there were 10 handle frames added to the beginning and the end of the shot. This is intented to preserve a record of the original shot length before handles were added.
⋆⋆  Video was sped up significantly to progress through the job and it’s loading bar faster.

Print ALL Shots Sequentially

Print all shot data to scripting editor in json format:

Commit Sequencer Timeline

Commit the timing/edit of the animation in the camera sequencer timeline to the active main timeline.


Example Committing multiple shots to Timeline:

Example Adjusting Animation Timing:

Commit Selected Shots

Commit the timing/edit of the animation in the camera sequencer timeline to the active main timeline for the selected shots only.  All other shots and their animation will be deleted.