Thanks to Daniel Kramer for creating dkAnim tool back in 2001!  It is an awesome tool that has worked in all scenarios I found myself in.  There were a few simple features I found I really wanted/needed in the tool… So back in 2011, I dove into the code and added them! I have since been using my version of the tool for a long time now.  I just wanted to share my additions with others! Hope you like it!

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Check out the features and more information on the tool:

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(Most all of  these docs were originally written by Daniel Kramer in the header file of his original “dkAnim.mel” script.  Thanks Daniel!  😀 )

Thanks to Matthew Hamilton for creating a Video Tutorial a few years back now using the original dkAnim script:

Animation Tips & Tricks 05 from Matthew Hamilton on Vimeo.